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Quilter International Client Centre

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IMPORTANT: Please note that Old Mutual International rebranded to Quilter International in February 2020. From Monday 8th November 2021 any saved links which included will no longer work. Please update any saved links to

The Quilter International Client Centre is a secure website which gives you online access to valuations for all your Quilter International policies.

As well as being able to have a valuation summary of your Quilter International policies, you will be able to see a breakdown of your assets. For your unit-linked policies, you can view the funds you are invested in and their current value. For your portfolio bonds, you can view and print an interim valuation as well as your last quarterly statement. You can even see the transactions that have occurred since your last quarterly statement.

Please note that this facility is not currently available to trustee or corporate policyholders. Access may also be restricted for policyholders whose assets are held with, and/or managed, by third party companies.

Wealth Interactive: our new online service for Portfolio Bonds
We have moved all existing Portfolio Bonds onto our Wealth Interactive online platform. All Portfolio Bond data on the Quilter International client centre was frozen as at 17.00 BST Thursday 23 October. To monitor your Portfolio Bond you will need to register for Wealth Interactive. If you have not already done so, you can register your interest for Wealth Interactive at Register for Wealth Interactive | Quilter International

How to register

1. Have the policy numbers of the Quilter International policies you want to view on the Client Centre ready before you start the registration process. Policy numbers are normally found as references on correspondence sent to you by Quilter International.

2. Select this link or the ‘Register’ button to the right of your screen.

3. The first registration page is an opportunity to read the online Terms and Conditions. You do not need to accept the Terms and Conditions until you log onto the Client Centre for the first time.

4. Complete the online registration form that follows. Note some fields are mandatory and some fields are optional. Completing the optional fields may speed up the registration process for you.

If you have moved property, have a new telephone number or email address which you have not previously made us aware of please open the below/above form and complete it providing any new details.

Please return to and our team will ensure your details are updated.

5. We confirm your access and send you an Access Code via your registered email address. You need to use the Access Code the first time you log on. The Access Code appears as an additional field after you enter your username and password and log on for the first time. Thereafter you will just need your username and password.

Select this link for more information about registering for the Quilter International Client Centre.